About Us

Jyotsna Singh the grand-daughter of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala has inherited her grandfather’s passion for jewelry.

Under the brand name Manjusha which means a treasure chest of jewels, she exhibits her new collection of fusion jewelry. Jyotsna has always been drawn to color, design and stones. Her fascination with jewelry started at an early age as she was exposed to the magnificence of the family jewels.

Her jewelry borders on the contemporary. She blends generations of exquisite intricate design in materials that make it more wearable and affordable today. She believes that a woman should step out of the ordinary when she wears a piece of jewelry. Her jewelry should make a bold and confident statement of her uniqueness and social savoir faire.


Versatile Beauty – Contemporary Design

Manjusha is a treasure chest of unique fusion semi precious gemstone jewelry which combines the majesty of the old with the intensity of the new.

This unique and exciting jewelry collection of semi precious gemstones is set in 22K Gold Plated Sterling Silver. Inspired by the beauty of the royal Jadau designs, the ancient art of embedding stones, Manjusha Jewels’ handcrafted jewelry reminisces of a bygone era of royal palaces and princely extravagance.

This versatile beauty is still relevant as it intertwines the classic in the hues of contemporary design. Manjusha’s pieces adorn and compliment all ages and lifestyles.


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